Founded by a group of scientists, biomedical engineers, and drug discovery experts, our patent-pending products enable researchers to achieve pre-analytical sample reproducibility and consistency – experiment to experiment, lab to lab and site to site - and are applicable to a wide array of scientific disciplines including cell and tissue culture and cryopreservation, histology, immunohistochemistry, virus and bacterial research, molecular biology, cell therapy, pharmaceutical manufacturing, biofuels research and many others.

BioCision’s first products, the CoolRack® line, were made from a novel aluminum alloy that is 300 times more conductive than ice and adapts rapidly to the temperature of any freezing or cooling medium. The CoolRack® line includes thermo-conductive modules that hold tube or plate samples of different sizes to standardize temperature control right at the benchtop.  Subsequent product lines include CoolBox™portable ice-free cooling and freezing devices and CoolCell®, a novel cell freezing device for blood, stem cells, cord blood and cell lines, as well as a line of TruCool™ consumables.



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