National Scientific Supply



Established in 1984, National Scientific Supply is committed to manufacture innovative and high quality products in its Factory and Headquarters in California, USA. In the long history of the company, NSS developed new products and concept to lead the industry and made plastic consumables technologies and designs in Life Science to date.

NSS brought into the industry for the 1st time: universal fit pipette tip, gel-loading tip, aerosol-blocking filter tip that was originally designed for Cetus for its Nobel prized PCR procedure, microtubes in 96 racked formation, and etc.

Today, NSS offers; UniFit™ universal fit tips, AeroGard™ aerosol-blocking filter tips, systematically designed tip racking options, ClickSeal™ microcentrifuge tubes, BioStor™ screw-cap vials, MicroStar™ PCR tubes and plates, MicroTube Rack System™ for sample storage, and much more.

Now NSS is introducing new LFR™ low fluid retention technology in UniFit™ pipette tips, AeroGard™ barrier tips, and ClickSeal™ microcentrifuge tubes to benefit customers who run critical applications that require maximum recovery of precious samples or reagents, and/or precise pipetting by eliminating residual fluid in tips and tubes.  Over 10 years of R&D of ultra-smooth mold surface and resin technology have just brought this exclusive solution for pipet tip and tube performance.



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