CoolRack thermo-conductive metal alloy tube modules eliminate inconsistencies which occur due to inserting tubes directly into ice, dry ice, alcohol baths, water baths and other common laboratory temperature sources. Place the CoolRack module directly onto a temperature source and it will rapidly adapt to that temperature from -196°C to >+100°C. CoolRack modules ensure +/- 0.1°C temperature uniformity of all tubes when cooling, (snap)freezing or heating/thawing. Use for a variety of applications including cooling reagents such as restriction enzymes, dNTPs, antibodies and others, alcohol-free dry ice snap-freezing of tissue, virus and bacteria samples, bench top cryogenic tube sorting in liquid nitrogen, and many others. All CoolRack modules may be autoclaved, high heat sterilized or decontaminated with bleach, alcohol or other disinfectants or lab detergents.


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