Centrifugal Tubes & Racks

Centrifugal Tubes & Racks

Centrifugal Tubes & Racks



Centrifuge Tubes

Your valuable probes are in good hands with the centrifuge tubes from TPP!

Features of the TPP centrifuge tubes surpasses ordinary tubes. They are:

  • Manufactured with highest grade of raw material fulfilling requirements of USP Class VI and Class 1 medical devices according to directive (93/42)
  • White writing circle, affixed on the screw cap, for easy labeling with any writing instrument
  • Caps that cannot be over-tightened
  • Gas and aerosol tight cap
  • Graduations all the way down to 0.1 ml / 0.5 ml respectively
  • Convenient racks available that are autoclavable and are collapsible for storage when not in use

The TPP centrifuge tubes are manufactured on automatic transport units. This guarantees, that the products are carefully moved to the next work station within the manufacturing line quick and without unnecessary contamination risk. Sub-operations such as printing, on-screwing of closure caps or tests for tightness are then performed in clean-room conditions.

Catalogue No. Description Volume Growth Surface Area Qty/Case