Tissue Culture Tubes

Tissue Culture Tubes

Tissue Culture Tubes




TPP tissue culture tubes are an extension to the tissue culture flask product range.

Features of the tissue culture tube 20:

·20 cm2 surface activated growth area

·growth area over a length of  50 mm

·volume graduations up to the tip

·specially formed 10-sided comb from «VENT» screw cap with “Click” avoids inadvertent rolling and enables regaining previous positions

·a click to the lock position and the «VENT» screw cap is in the aeration position, which guarantees constant air flow even when the tube is in vertical position.

·fits a 15 ml standard tube adapter, can be spun up to 1200 g

·convenient re-closable zipper bag with laser perforation




Catalogue No. Description Volume Growth Surface Area Qty/Case