Packed Cell Volume Tubes (PCV)

Packed Cell Volume Tubes (PCV) &

Packed Cell Volume Tubes (PCV) & "easy read" Measuring Device




The PCV tube enables a quick and reproducible measuring technique of the cell volume. This method is ideal for the monitoring of the tissue growth (cell mass).

After a short centrifugation in a micro centrifuge, the cell volume shows as a pellet in the PCV capillary. 
With the “easy read“ measuring device, developed by TPP, the volume can be read.


Advantages of the PCV tube:

· If during a production process many parameters need to be optimized, many samples accumulate at the same time. Here is a quick analysis with the PCV tube and the read out process with „easy read“ the method of the choice.

· A short centrifugation step (1 minute at 2500 g) is sufficient to form a pellet in the calibrated capillary. There the pellet can be read with the “easy read” measuring device

· Quick and reproducible measurement of the cell mass



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