Tissue Culture Plates

Tissue Culture Plates

Tissue Culture Plates






·         Production of cell culture quality USP Class VI polystyrene board uses a high transparency for the raw material.

·     Surface of the product after the special treatment, suitable for the cultivation of adherent cells.

·     To ensure the cleanliness of the products we produce cell culture  plates production and processing and packaging in a clean room, and after the gamma ray irradiation sterilization.

·     The size of the product specifications to meet ANSI/SBS standards applicable to the vast majority of high-throughput laboratory equipment on the plate reader.

·     In addition to accurate physical specifications to comply with international standards, testing of each batch of cell culture plates by the quality inspection of the cell biology experiments, including the morphological observations of cell growth, cell growth rate test, the cells adherent strength testing, cell colony formation rate pyrogen test (<0.5EU/ml).


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