Horizon mini 642VES

Horizon mini 642VES

Horizon mini 642VES




The Horizon mini-VES, model 642VES, is a variable-speed centrifuge designed for small lab.  The scrollable time setting and digital readout make it incredibly easy to use.  Its compact design minimizes its footprint. The unique horizontal rotor design allows for the test tubes to be inserted into the centrifuge at a convenient 45 degree angle.  They are then gently rotated to a full horizontal position as the motor accelerates. The model 642VES, equipped with the standard horizontal rotor, is specifically designed to spin tubes up to 17mm x 75mm / 100mm with the holders.  Optionally, the 1525 tube cushion may be used with 75mm tubes in the 100mm tube holder.


·   Variable Speed!

·   Digital time display w/ scrollable time setting

·   Electronic braking

·   Compact design uses less than 1 sq. ft. of counter space

·   Full horizontal separation for test tubes up to 10mL

·   Digital Cycle counter to monitor machine usage

·   Horizontal Rotor comes standard

·   Push-button operation/Safety lid-lock

·   ETL Compliant to ANSI/UL Standards

·   Also spins tubes up to 15ml with fixed angle rotor (optional)


Speed Range:  (Horizontal)               

1000 to 3,200 RPM (+/- 10%)

Speed Range:  (Fixed Angle)              

1000 to 3,900 RPM (+/- 10%)

Force Range:

140 to 1430 xg (+/- 10%)

Max Acceleration Time:

60 seconds

Deceleration Time (brake engaged):

10 seconds

Deceleration Time (brake disengaged):

60 seconds

Maximum Capacity:   (Horizontal)

60mL (6x10mL)

Maximum Capacity:   (Fixed Angle)

90ml (6x15ml)

Overall Dimensions:                    Height:

8.5 in.  (22 cm)


11 in.  (28 cm)


12.5 in. (32 cm)


18.5 lbs.  (8.4 kg)

Centrifuge Motor:

1/30 H.P.  AC

Protection Breaker:

4 Amp. Re–settable


Electronic w/display,

1 to 99 minutes +/- 1%

Max. Power Requirements:

165 Watts


115 (+/- 10) Volts


60 Hz

NOTE:  A 230V / 50Hz version is available.  Consult your authorized dealer.   *Speeds / RCFs shown are for 100mm red tube holders.  The use of cushions and/or different tube holders may alter the top speed and RCF



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