PCR Workstation

PCR Workstation

PCR Workstation

Air Clean Systems



AirClean® Systems AC600 Series PCR Workstations combine Class 100 HEPA-filtered air with UV light irradiation for the ultimate DNA/RNA manipulation and amplification work area. Cross-contamination during amplification of DNA and RNA can lead to results that are inaccurate, costing the lab technician valuable time and reagents. PCR Workstations minimize this risk by keeping airborne contaminants away from samples and irradiating work surfaces and tools between amplifications.


·   UVTect™ microprocessor controller.

·   Class 100 (ISO 5) vertical laminar airflow.

·   UV and fluorescent lights.

·   Polycarbonate and polypropylene design reflects UV energy and is easily cleaned.

·   Seamless plastic design — no joints or gaps in construction.

·   UV shelf with built-in pipettor holder.

·   Digital UV light timer 0-59 minutes.

·   Constant monitoring of UV light and HEPA filter effectiveness.

·   Lab event timer.

·   Slip-hatch electrical cord access port.

·   Shipped fully assembled.

·   Available in 110V AC or 220V AC.

 Unique safety Features: 

·   UV light and UV shelf for enhanced irradiation of supplies.

·   Unique interlocking sash with a safety overlap to prevent gaps in sash.

·  Sash safety switch automatically turns off UV light and activates the blower when sash is raised.

·   UVTectTM CONTROLLER:  Standard feature on AirClean® Systems Combination PCR Workstations.(32” and 48” models)

·   Constantly monitors workstation effectiveness, alerting the operator if HEPA filter or UV bulb needs replacing.

·  Allows the operator to manually adjust airflow speed, accommodating the most fragile samples.





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