CappAero Comfort Variable Volume Single Channel Pipettes

CappAero Comfort

CappAero Comfort



Substantial thumb workload reduction with CappAeroTM Comfort Excessive workload of the thumb is a major cause of repetitive strain injuries and user discomfort in pipetting. The unique design of the CappAeroTM Comfort considerably reduces the thumb workload. This is achieved by the design

innovation of the external tip ejection handle that is operated not by thumb but your whole fist; let your other fingers take over the large part of the thumb work-load and do what feels natural while reducing the force needed for aspiration and blow-out to a very minimum.

With the CappAeroTM Comfort, not only is the risk of health problems related to repetitive pipetting virtually eliminated, but by increasing the efficiency and precision in user work, user fatigue is greatly reduced with one ergonomic solution!

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